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API Skeletons maintains a Github organization providing open source libraries in support of zfcampus/zf-apigility-doctrine, Doctrine in Apigility. The goal of API Skeletons is to promote the use of Doctrine in Apigility in conjuction with our libraries to create Richardson Maturity Model Level 3 APIs which use the best of breed Doctrine Object Relational Mapper to produce truly exceptional APIs.


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Documentation Status

Doctrine in Apigility Book

This book can be found at Doctrine in Apigility Book.

Through years of design, trial, error, and success comes the Doctrine in Apigility Book. This strategy gives a white-gloved approach to data handling in the API while leveraging Doctrine in Apigility's strengths.

An on-going effort to document API Skeletons libraries in more detail than their README.md files can be found at http://docs.apiskeletons.com/en/latest/

This documentation dives further into the API Skeletons modules than the book.

Foundation Libraries


Doctrine is an Object Relational Mapper and is the best in it's field in PHP. Doctrine supports all major relational databases. If you are still using SQL in your code you will find Doctrine an advanced tool which frees you from the tediousness of the SQL language. This is a module of the Doctrine Project.

Tom H Anderson of API Skeletons is a member of the Doctrine team in support of Zend Framework packages.


Apigility is a PHP, Zend Framework, API engine written by the open source community. There are many components which go into the Apigility core and it is flexible enough that customization is possible for any application.

Creating an API your application and users can interact with is not an easy task. From content negotiation to HAL response formats there's a long and steep learning curve when it comes to implementing an API. Apigility takes care of all the minutiae of an API.

Tom H Anderson of API Skeletons was a core contributor to Apigility.

Doctrine in Apigility

Doctrine in Apigility ties Doctrine and Apigility together and allows easy rest resource for entities. This library was created by the API Skeletons author and open source community. The libraries hosted by API Skeletons rely on this piece and extend and enhance its abilities.

Tom H Anderson designed and wrote this module while a core contributor to Apigility.

Featured Libraries

This provides a Doctrine adapter for zfcampus/zf-mvc-auth and zfcampus/zf-oauth2 and entity definitions for all aspects of OAuth2 including Authorization Code, Access Tokens, Refresh Tokens, JWT & JTI, and Scopes. No other Apigility adapter provides such comprehensive support of OAuth2.

This repository provides console routes to manage an OAuth2 server.

This provides command line support for Doctrine Fixtures in Zend Framework. Often projects will have multiple sets of fixtures for different object managers or modules such as from a 3rd party API. When this is the case a tool which can run fixtures in groups is needed. Additionally dependency injection must be available to the fixtures. To accomplish these needs this module uses a Zend Service Manager configurable on a per-group basis.

This important repository allows you and/or your users to query your API with rich filtering. Filters such as between, less than, isnull and even innerjoin to query related data.

This project was created by Tom H Anderson of API Skeletons and the open source community and is hosted under zfcampus on github.

All Libraries

We have many more specific libraries to enhance Apigility.