API Skeletons

API Skeletons, Inc.

Custom API design, coding, and consulting. Object Relational Mapping expertice. I build APIs using Entity Relationship Diagrams as a blueprint and Hypertext Application Language for HATEOAS response.

I excel at writing the API for your needs quickly and efficiently. With five consecutive years of ORM API design and ninteen consecutive years of web programming, I've got experience to build your API. Open source contributor including Apigility and Doctrine in PHP.

API Design and Consulting

API Skeletons specializes in building the best API possible using Entity Relationship Diagrams, HATEOAS via Hypertext Application Language excecuted at Richardson Maturity Model level 3, complete OAuth2 server, available complete auditing, and more.

Through the use of an ERD blueprint communications about the data your API handles is transparant and easily discussed. Fixtures, permissions, and business rules are all a part of the ERD.

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MySQL UTF-8 Correction

A speciality related to database work, API Skeletons can correct entire databases with invalid UTF-8 data.

To correct invalid data originally in latin1 from a website created in 1999 API Skeletons created a UTF-8 correction tool. This tool can scan any MySQL database and correct invalid encodings. I am proud to offer this unique service.

Open Source

API Skeletons provides open source libraries in support of zfcampus/zf-apigility-doctrine, Doctrine in Apigility.

The open source goal of API Skeletons is to promote the use of Doctrine in Apigility in conjuction with our open source libraries to create Richardson Maturity Model Level 3 APIs which use the best of breed Doctrine Object Relational Mapper to produce truly exceptional APIs.

See our Open Source page for more information.